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Synonyms for automaton

someone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic way

a mechanism that can move automatically

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A primary objective of the ANT project is to exploit this opportunity by developing new directions and interactions between automata and number theory.
The automata was manufactured in Coventry by the late Jerry Elford and was brought into being in December 1995 as a replacement of the wishing well once situated in Broadgate.
GLPT encourages those traders who may still be interested in buying a software license to take a look at Automata FX first, but notes that Automata FX is a foreign brokerage and is not permitted to accept U.
In this research, unique properties of quantum cellular automata technology have been used to increase the rate of data storage and data recovery processes in digital systems.
Context-free grammars: the languages defined by these grammars are accepted by push-down automata.
WRWA member Graham Lockwood presented Dr Roscoe with an automata in the form of her insignia of office (a rose) and a monarch butterfly.
The Front Line is the second volume in Cooke's The Automata Wars series.
Council leader, Councillor Bob Cook and Chair of Stockton Town Team, Joanna Wake with a model of the winning automata.
They are routinely used in a wide range of fields, and here computer scientists, electrical engineers, mathematicians, and other contributors introduce the fundamentals of automata theory.
In this paper we suggest an improvement of the last model of push-down automata to avoid these problems.
Automata and Mimesis on the Stage of Theatre History
Samper, a Parisian jeweller, whom Mr Carey develops into the character of a German automata maker called Sumper.
Then, in Section 3, we study sets of cellular automata closed under simulation (ideals), and how our communication approach relates with them.
Horologist Michael - who runs the House of Automata store in Kinloss, Moray, with wife Maria - was aware of the tale, which is based on Brian Selznik's book The Invention Of Hugo Cabret.