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a vending machine from which you can get food

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a cafeteria where food is served from machines

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The state of the automat represents inaction lifts on a floor First we need to define the input, output and state automata.
The final design combined features of the SIG P226 and Walther P88 and was adopted in 1991 as the Pistolj I Automat CZ99.
Compared with this complex human being, Ned (Jonny Orsini), the young man from the automat who is more than happy to go home with Chauncey, could use more quality work.
The Crown Prosecution Service has decided to take no further action against the actor Jude Law following an allegation of assault outside Automat restaurant in central London on July 23," the Telegraph quoted a spokesman as saying.
Every sensor has a functional unit assigned to it, a unit that is an automat machine that links with the dedicated sensor and reads the data generated from it.
Watchkeeper air vehicles have both a Magic ATOLS and a GPS-based system to give redundancy in automat ed take-off and recovery, eliminating the need for a skilled pilot.
The 'Harry Potter' star was joined by friends and family at Mayfair's Automat Club and Restaurant, in London, where she was showered with gifts.
I still remember how captivated I was when she took me to the automat in New York City.
The other day in Mayfair's Automat American Brasserie, The Dikler overheard a woman diner tell her two friends: "I've heard the Queen was so disappointed with Royal Ascot, she's not going next year.
aureus strains were lysed with 30 [micro]g/mL lysostaphin, which was incubated for 10 min at 37[degrees]C, and DNA was extracted by using MagNA Pure LC automat (Roche, Mannheim, Germany), as recommended by the manufacturer.
Those who imagine Kinsey's subjects were primarily picked up at New York's Automat on 42nd Street, a gay prostitute's hangout, charge that in addition to scraping the bottom of the barrel, Kinsey found people inclined to lie to make their stories even more titillating.
With all the computers and automat ion in cars now, they are very different beasts to 20 or 30 years ago and we need to put a stronger emphasis on competence.
A separate team in Japan is working on a similar robotic librarian automat, but their project is more concerned with developing robots that can be controlled remotely over the web in order to scan and read books.
CAPITAL ATTRACTIONS: Edward Hopper's Automat (left) and Tamara de Lempicka's Portrait of Mrs Allan Bott
The Pagoda, Top of the Ilikai, the first Hawaii franchises of Sizzler Steak House and Shakey's Pizza, and The Pushbutton, an automat on Hotel Street, all debuted around then.