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lysis of plant or animal tissue by an internal process

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To help manage moisture and promote autolytic debridement--the body's way of getting rid of dead tissue and keeping healthy tissue--Medline Industries, Inc.
It was common to observe autolytic changes in the kidneys of road killed specimens, whereas structures in the testis and vas deferens appeared normal.
The overall healing rate for the two groups was similar; however, the polymer hydrogel dressing had a more favorable overall clinical performance evaluation based largely on its more favorable support of autolytic debridement.
Organisms possess autolytic enzyme systems that can break down cell walls, causing a chewed-up or unevenly stained appearance.
The highly breathable film acts as a waterproof barrier to external contaminants yet allows oxygen and moisture vapor exchange to prevent moisture build-up beneath the dressing, facilitating a moist environment for wound healing and autolytic debridement.
However, fish is a highly perishable product due to its high water activity and protein content, neutral pH and presence of autolytic enzymes, which cause spoilage [2].
Before the search of fragment in the database, manual quest was performed to remove trypic autolytic fragments and notable contamination.
It is noteworthy that the Prionics Check WESTERN (Prionics, Zurich, Switzerland) test has been extensively validated in terms of the diagnostic specificity, also on severely autolytic specimens (3-5).
Other methods, such as autolytic or enzymatic and surgical debridement with low-pressure pulsatile irrigation techniques, are more suitable for chronic wounds and granulation tissue.
A number of tools restore the bacterial balance at the superficial wound surface, including topical treatments for autolytic debridement and moisture balance, as well as antimicrobials.
Case Abnormal acylcarnitine findings 1 Increased C12, C14:1, C14:0, C16:1, C20:0, C20:1, and C22:1 2 Increased C6-dicarboxylic and hydroxy-C6-dicarboxylic acids 3 Increased C16; slightly increased C8 4 Slightly increased C8 with minimal autolytic changes 5 Increased C16:1-OH, C16:0-OH, and C18:1-OH 6 Slightly increased C8 with minimal autolytic changes 7 Slightly increased C6, C8, and C10 with minimal autolytic changes
This process, called fixation, is also responsible for arresting any autolytic enzymes that will cause the tissue to break down.
NU-GEL[R] Hydrogel with Alginate - a transparent hydro active amorphous gel containing sodium alginate creates a moist wound-healing environment, which assists with natural autolytic debridement and desloughing of wounds.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-17 Debridement II-17 Purpose of Debridement II-17 Factors Influencing Debridement Decision II-18 Methods/Techniques of Debridement II-18 Selective Methods II-18 Larvae Debridement Therapy/Bio-Surgical Debridement/ Biological Debridement II-18 Chemical/Enzymatic Debridement II-19 Autolytic Debridement II-19 Non-Selective Methods II-19 Mechanical Debridement II-19 Sharp and Surgical Debridement II-20
Increased pH values after sensory rejection were also previously reported implicating accumulation of alkaline compounds as well as volatile bases produced by autolytic activities and metabolism of spoilage bacteria [28].