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lysis of plant or animal tissue by an internal process

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The meninges and underlying brain tissue appeared moderately to severely congested, with varying degrees of necrosis or autolysis.
The former (as well as citronellol) can be formed during yeast autolysis during the second fermentation step (TORRESI et al.
The peak may be explained in term of the rapid growth of cells due to utilization of sugar produced as a result of bagasse degradation and cell autolysis.
Analysis of the major flavonol glycosides present in four varieties of onion (Allium cepa) and changes in composition resulting from autolysis.
In general, the initial step of the decomposition is the autolysis in which the bodily cells deprived of oxygen increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in blood with the consequent decrease of pH.
Thus, the tissues may have suffered autolysis at the time of collection or there may have been problems associated with the fixation process which could have interfered with the antigen/antibody interaction.
Preservation of the cortical cellular morphology was poor, probably due to several factors, such as retained (arrested) differentiation of the migrating neurons, the feticide procedure, which is harmful for brain tissue per se, followed by 3 days of intrauterine autolysis.
This substance reduces tissue degradation by preventing the proliferation of microorganisms and the break of lysosomal walls, which could cause autolysis of the cells.
Hydrophilic colloid are adhesive absorbs fluid, necrotic tissue autolysis, impermeable to fluids and bacteria.
Tenders are invited for Liq Autolysis Haemolyser Code Erma Pce 210 - 500 Ml
Physical and chemical characterization of protein hydrolysates produced by autolysis of jumbo squid (Dosidicus gigas) by products.
2008) while alkaline dissolution (pH= 10) promotes autolysis of the myosin heavy chain and low water retention, resulting in better protein solubility and similar protein recovery as under acidic conditions.
In such a closed environment the form in which nitrogen is found during autolysis will bear little resemblance to the form in which it was originally supplied
The process of screening the body to eliminate what isn't good is called autolysis.
Mabbett also detailed how, through autolysis, the impact of yeast goes far beyond just the reaction of converting sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide.