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lysis of plant or animal tissue by an internal process

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The experimental protocol to examine post-mortem autolysis in 6 rats received ethical approval from the University of British Columbia Animal Care Committee.
This difference is almost certainly due to blastocysts being lost during flushing or destroyed by autolysis, desiccation, and/or poor preservation.
The remaining intestines were discarded because of advanced autolysis.
Due to autolysis, the amyloid could not be further investigated.
promoting autolysis of wounds and the removal of slough and dead tissue
Not all tissues were available for histological examination due to damage or autolysis.
It reduces pain, helps reduce bleeding, promotes and accelerates cellular regeneration by replicating the natural fibroconnective template, promotes natural autolysis and autolytic debridement by rehydrating and softening necrotic tissue and eschar, protects wound bed and newly formed granulation tissue, and absorbs wound exudates.
The N218S change was incorporated for its stabilizing effects and its influence on crystallization; the S221C change, a modification of the active site serine, was included to reduce autolysis.
The first, labile material such as muscle, fat, and plant cell contents, will normally decay very quickly through autolysis and fermentation.
It is generally believed that there are three ways in which these cavities and ducts can form: 1) by lysigeny, a process involving the autolysis of a mass of mature secretion-filled glandular cells that release the secretion product as they degenerate; 2) by schizogeny, involving the separation of cell walls in the center of a group of glandular cells creating an intercellular space that enlarges greatly during development; 3) by schizolysigeny, a combination of the two processes, where cavities initiate schizogenously but further increase in size with autolysis of the glandular cells.
The accuracy of diagnoses of pathological lesions can be affected by autolysis of tissue cells and the fixation process used to prepare pathology slides (see "Complete and peer-reviewed histopathological evaluations" below).
tularensis by culture and direct PCR: 49 were spleen samples, including samples from mice not selected for pathologic investigation because of severe autolysis, and 20 were abdominal swab samples, which were used when the extreme grade of autolysis prevented the unambiguous identification or collection of the spleen following dissection (5).
In our study, decreases in impedance upon resolution (relaxation) were most likely due to the physical breakdown of cell membranes and subsequent autolysis and nucleotide catabolism.
These findings predated the present knowledge that most acute cardiac events occur at non-flow-limiting atherosclerotic plaques and that autolysis of obstructing thromboses can occur.
In the presence of autolysis, a pathological opinion may not be possible.