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(of firearms) capable of automatic loading and firing continuously

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Most cast bullet designs specifically meant for autoloading pistols from .
Yet, almost all bullets designed for autoloading pistols are completely smooth sided.
But he applied his genius to handguns even before Thomas Bennett at Winchester demurred on John's autoloading shotgun in 1900, ending the relationship.
Houston Community Newspapers, Pasadena, Texas, The Hawk Eye, Burlington, Iowa, and Victoria (Texas) Advocate each bought one FastTrak V/150 with Trakmate autoloading.
UMC) has acquired two Pluritec autoloading CNC drilling machines, a Lohr Herman CNC jump scoring machine, an X-ray registration/verification system, a thin core/fine line copper etching system, an advanced fine-line laser photo plotter and an RoHS-compliant immersion silver/gold plating line.
The company also sells CD and DVD recording and duplication systems in multi-drive and autoloading configurations including color printing systems.
1 Waterflowers: A coat of paste wax inside the magazine tube of your pump or autoloading shotgun will help prevent rust.
Recently, the National Institute of Justice (NIT), through its National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) system, published the results of autoloading pistol tests in the NLECTC Tests Autoloading Pistols for Law Enforcement Use bulletin.
However, the shorts and longs do not have enough recoil power to operate the autoloading semi-automatic) action in most rifles.
It also features a multimode flash system, autoloading and autowinding, and a built-in self-timer.
NYSE: RGR) is pleased to introduce the new Ruger[R] SR-556 autoloading rifle - an innovative two-stage piston driven rifle.
A: Because the free-floating firing pin of the M16/AR-15 is not as heavy as those in the Ml Garand and M14 autoloading rifles, slam-firing and muzzle-bump firing is less common in it; however, the danger does exist.
35 Remington appeared in 1906, when experimentation was still ongoing, and was designed specifically for a Remington autoloading rifle designed by John Browning, along with three other "rimless" cartridges, the .
Remember how the hit man in the movie No Country For Old Men had a suppressed Remington autoloading shotgun?