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production of antibodies against the tissues of your own body

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The complications of transfusion are well known and include allo- and autoimmunization, iron overload, and the transmission of infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.
Tianjin Agricultural College, awards undergraduate degrees in agronomy, biotechnology, environmental, horticulture, gardening, aquiculture, oceanic fishery science, technology, animal science, veterinary science, food science and engineering, economic management of agriculture and forestry, accounting, management of public affairs, international economy and trade, agricultural mechanism and autoimmunization, English, personnel management, computer science, technology, hydrology and engineering.
Patients with central nervous system disorders have been known to exhibit properties of autoimmunization to products of nerve cell degradation, in particular, damaged neuroreceptors (9, 11-13).
Additionally, a hypothetical STI-induced autoimmunization achieved during PHI could potentially lead to an enhanced HIV-specific immune response, lowered viral setpoint, and optimal viral control even in the absence of continuous antiretroviral treatment.
Methods: The mechanism of this treatment is to stimulate the autoimmunization as well as the drainage of the edema and bleedings.