pernicious anaemia

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Key Words: Vitiligo, autoimmune polyglandular syndrome, autoimune thyroiditis, autoimmune gastritis
In autoimmune gastritis, tissue destruction is restricted to the gastric corpus and fundus, whereas infectious gastritis is a multi-focal process with more extensive involvement of the strictures related to the gastric corpus and fundus.
Krishnamurthy and Dayal[2] reported PAT at the GEJ in 3% of adults with BE and Jhala et al[6] reported PAT at the GEJ in oxyntic mucosa of 41% of adults with autoimmune gastritis.
AGPA are a marker of autoimmune gastritis whereas intrinsic factor antibodies are associated with pernicious anemia.
With hypo or achlorhydria resulting in increase in stomach pH and atrophy with loss of parietal cells that harbor H pylori, the patient eventually may be negative for H pylori and thus resemble Type 1 autoimmune gastritis.
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