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GENEVA -- Pediatric psoriasis is associated with sharply increased risks of selected autoimmune diseases, according to a study encompassing every child and adolescent in Denmark.
One autoimmune disease, lupus, affects approximately 1.
High public awareness is assisting the autoimmune disease diagnostics market and ultimately the treatment market
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 4, 2014-Arena Pharmaceuticals commences Phase 1b clinical trial of APD334 for treating several autoimmune diseases
Although each autoimmune disease is a distinct entity with its own constellation of signs, symptoms and clinical manifestations, many autoimmune diseases share some common characteristics, including the approach to disease management.
The key to these advances may lie with a better understanding of how a variant of PTPN22, known as a "risk variant," impacts autoimmune disease development and the behavior of myeloid cells that act as the body's "first responders.
It's premature to say: 'You shouldn't eat salt because you'll get an autoimmune disease,'" said one of the study authors, Aviv Regev from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
This suggests to Pollard that more studies that include male animals might lead to different results regarding one sex's predominance for environmentally induced autoimmune disease.
5 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease and the prevalence continues to rise.
One of the biggest offenders in terms of drug-induced ILD in patients with autoimmune disease is methotrexate.
WASHINGTON -- Despite being a major public health threat, "the attention given to autoimmune diseases is not nearly proportional to the magnitude of the problem," Dr.
If you have an autoimmune disease, the American Autoimmune-Related Diseases Association recommends that you understand your illness and prescribed treatment plan, and let your doctor know if you have any new symptoms.
There is considerable controversy over the safety and value of Echinacea in autoimmune disease.
Whenever I see a woman with an autoimmune disease in my office, one of the first things I ask her is how she's handling the stress in her life, and if she's finding time to rest.
population, or 22 million people, have one of the 24 most common forms of autoimmune disease, National Institutes of Health officials estimate.