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In addition, it is common for collectors to limit their focus to certain types of autographed items.
We took Polaroid photos of the patients with the players and they autographed the frame," said Renninger.
Lee Cattermole is also in the book now, and in fact Gordon is branching out by collecting autographed pictures of the Cattermole family - at least those who played for the Boro.
Casey Mears, Jamie McMurray, Sterling Marlin, Mark Martin, Greg Biffle, Matt Kenseth and Tony Stewart were among the NASCAR drivers to donate autographed items for the auction.
Patti Minutello with an autographed copy of his book.
Going on a golf foursome at Bel-Air Country Club and a golf foursome at Valencia Country Club; an autographed 2002 World Series baseball signed by the Angels' pitching staff; a framed Faith Hill autographed tour T-shirt; Dodgers, Angels and Avengers tickets; and a Mo Vaughn autographed baseball.
The players with the most success at blackjack and craps can redeem their play money for a wide variety of prizes, including gift baskets and autographed memorabilia.
Autographs: A recent crackdown on forgeries, which included a claim by investigators that up to 90 percent of all autographed material is forged, seriously set this part of the hobby back.
A wooden Easter egg once on the White House lawn, a one-of-a-kind Disney celluloid image and autographed items from Hollywood are on the auction block this morning - in cyberspace.