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an album for autographs

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In my autograph album, dug out of a closet along with ``Winning Tennis by Arthur Ashe'' and a Partridge Family record, an odd cross-section of '70s sports stars is represented on photos and scraps of notebook paper: football's Rosey Grier, Deacon Jones, Joe Kapp and Lance Rentzel - the first a preacher and the last a convicted sex offender - are in there.
I even got his autograph, though sad to say, my autograph album was later de-accessioned.
For example, a set of four Beatles signatures on one page from an autograph album would now bring up to PS2,000 (compared with PS1,000 five years ago), But prices have risen most significantly in respect of signed albums, singles, photos and programmes.
The pencil signatures come from an autograph album I purchased from a fleamarket in Carmarthen.
He got many of the autographs from a TV cameraman who worked on the hit Sixties show Thank Your Lucky Stars who handed over his autograph album to pay his bill at the nearby London restaurant.
The autograph album was expected to fetch up to pounds 4,000 at Duke's auction house in Dorset but went for just under at pounds 3,375 to a private collector.
We had another autograph album from the Hippodrome some years back which contained star signatures from the 40s and 50s.
Almost everyone counted an autograph album as being among the most cherished of possessions.
The autograph album also includes signatures from Diana Ross and The Supremes and is expected to fetch between pounds 2,000 to pounds 4,000 when it goes under the hammer at Duke's in Dorchester on September 23.
I have other memories from the times during which my parents and my grandfather worked at the theatre, plus an autograph album relating to the prewar years.
In my mother's autograph album, Grandpa once wrote: 'May your life be like the snowdrift, that leaves a mark but not a stain.
A set of signatures presented on three autograph album pages, framed, is currently being offered by a top London dealer for around pounds 1,750.
Other highlights included an autograph album collected by a former medical officer at the Welsh FA which scored over pounds 500, a piece signed by Busby Babes Duncan Edwards and Tommy Taylor which hit its top estimate of pounds 150, and some rare post-war trade cards of footballers issued by S & B products, pounds 220.
Another collector, from Lancashire, paid pounds 900 for an autograph album containing Monroe's signature and the message "Warmest regards".
Autograph experts Frasers valued an undedicated autograph album page signature at pounds 375 in 1997.