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an aircraft that is supported in flight by unpowered rotating horizontal wings (or blades)

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But this is not what opinions like Autogiro end up saying or doing.
I remember as boys seeing a race between an autogiro flying low and a motorcycle a few feet below on the ground.
Pitcairn poured a great deal of his Pittsburgh Plate Glass fortune into developing an autogiro in the United States and perfected the technique of direct control by tilting the rotor blades.
Mr Speich is managing director of RotorSport UK Ltd and is hoping to introduce the autogiro to the UK market.
It was the second in two days involving the same pilot, in the same machine, also known as an autogiro.
It was the second in two days involving the same machine, also known as an autogiro.
Weather permitting, the PCA-2 Pitcairn Autogiro built in 1931 will perform on Saturday, and there will be a Bell-47 (TV's "MASH" helicopter) Fly-In.
In the summer of 1934, the Soviet autogiro TsAGIA--4 was tested by military sailors to search for submarines, artillery spotting, communication between ships and interaction with torpedo boats.
Bill, of Billing Road, Chapelfields, said: "The aircraft is an autogiro with a propeller on the front and a rotor on the top, like an early version of a helicopter.
The award ceremony featured film footage from the 1930's of Miller piloting autogiros from the roof of the Philadelphia Post Office and scenes from the American Air Aces Show of Miller looping his Pitcairn PCA-2 autogiro.
The prime example were the parachute jump and the Autogiros which were hardly visible from the public stands, and the display teams centred their displays far away.
With entertaining references to the movies and amusing anecdotes, Parker explains in easily understood terms the physics behind skydiving, holograms, autogiros, electromagnetic pulses, Geiger counters, hydrogen bombs, and other nifty devices.