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an aircraft that is supported in flight by unpowered rotating horizontal wings (or blades)

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1, 11 (1935) (statute requires describing one embodiment, but claims are not limited to the embodiment shown); Autogiro Co.
But this is not what opinions like Autogiro end up saying or doing.
con un culto a las deslumbrantes maquinas capaces de sembrar el terror y la muerte (fuselajes cegadores, bombas, autogiros, aviones .
applied the pioneer-patent doctrine, see Autogiro Co.
Incluso, se distribuyo un sello del autogiro de La Cierva, reimpresion de otro de 1935, cuyo inventor colaboro en la preparacion del Alzamiento rebelde.
THE report (Evening Telegraph, May 3) about an autogiro which had crashed at Baginton Airport said it was the first to be given the green light to use UK airspace.
Por mi casa de Alfonso XII --nosotros en el principal, mis abuelos en el cuarto, mi tio Juan, inventor de autogiro, en el tercero- pasaba muchisima gente.
The visitors included Pedro Martinez-Abarca de la Cierva, who comes from a family of lawyers in Murcia, and is the great-grandson of Juan de la Cierva who invented the autogiro ( an aircraft that combined the capabilities of a conventional airplane and the helicopter.
Sidewalk Critic contains a favorable review of Wright's Broadacre City exhibit at Rockefeller Center in 1935; Mumford praised it as "the new type of decongested city that the motorcar and the autogiro have made technically possible.
Brujula giroscopica, hidroavion, arranque del automovil, aire acondicionado, lampara mercurial, piloto automatico de aeroplano, amplificador de telefono, filamentos de tungsteno, contador geiger, tanque de guerra, microfono condensador para el telefono, acero inoxidable, rasuradora electrica, tostador automatico, espectroscopio de masas, autogiro.
The three-day competition, which features Formula One racers, biplane races and various demonstrations, including radio-controlled aircraft, an autogiro, a sailplane and a ZLIN 50 aerobatic plane, has brought pilots from as far away as Hong Kong.
7 Autogiro is a product entry in the 1987 SIC manual.
Gerry Speich, a 45-year-old pilot of 10 years experience, was test flying his autogiro at the Baginton airport last weekend when the two accidents happened 24 hours apart.
From Autogiro to Gyroplane: The Amazing Survival of an Aviation Technology.