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originating within the body

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9) The community itself autogenously generates a tribal consciousness.
Long-term success and survival rates of autogenously transplanted canines.
2007a), we characterized the chemical composition of various pine barks, which are used in the wood industry and/or have been autogenously or experimentally planted in South Korea.
Because Hester has gone a step further than the mother ideology allows, because she has claimed and sustained a belief that the text is her "very own" (and autogenously conceived) child, Cholmondeley's characterization of Hester pushes against a dominant and limiting trope, reconfiguring the value conferred on women through motherhood.
The Hicom mill developed by Warman Africa is a high intensity unit offering unique advantages over a wide range of grinding applications, wet or dry, autogenously or using grinding media.
vitellinae produce an autogenously synthesized secretion that contains cyclopentanoid monoterpenes (Pasteels et al.
The mill may operate autogenously, where the rock is its own grinding agent, or may contain grinding media.