autogenic training

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training patients in self-induced relaxation

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Case report: a case of intractable Meniere's disease treated with autogenic training.
Autogenic training session was most effective in showing a statistically significant change in decreased respiratory and pulse rates and increased peripheral skin temperature.
For the purposes of this study, acute stress management techniques were defined as coping strategies used in an acute setting to alleviate stress such as: progressive muscle relaxation, stretching exercises, breathing exercises, autogenic training, imagery, visualization, meditation, mindfulness, self-distraction, denial, substance use, use of emotional support, use of instrumental support, disengagement, venting, planning, humor, acceptance, religion, self-blame, problem-focused coping, emotion-focused coping, effective time management, positive reappraisal, and engagement in leisure activities.
Course content includes the benefits of regular meditation, simple relaxation exercises, binaural beats and brainwaves, autogenic training & progressive relaxation, as well as a reading list and links to research on meditation.
Another technique using the same principles as Autosuggestion is Autogenic Training (vii).
Autogenic training has been described as the Western answer to Eastern techniques such as yoga or zen meditation.
Firstly, the study revealed that both progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training produce similar mood responses.
Non-pharmacological methods of treatment including autogenic training, hyposuggestive psychotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, physical training are considered as effective during the patient's rehabilitation periods (Alexandrovski, 1993; Vukolova, 2000; Grachev, 2005; Toirov et al.
Among the wide range of non-conventional and sometimes doubtful treatments, relaxation-based methods such as meditation, progressive muscular relaxation, applied relaxation, mindfulness and autogenic training have received the greatest scientific attention and validation.
Relaxation and health-related quality of life in multiple sclerosis: the example of autogenic training.
EMG biofeedback mediated re-laxation is an extension of progressive relaxation and autogenic training (Townsend, House, John, & Addorio, 1975).
Regular exercise contributes to wellbeing, and yoga, autogenic training or meditation are beneficial, as are simple adjustments such as better sitting posture and controlled breathing.
A section on learning to reduce seizures discusses stress and epilepsy, neurobehavioral approaches, seizure generation, autogenic training, massage and seizure control, aromatherapy and hypnosis, meditation, exercise, and yoga.