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originating within the body


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Case report: a case of intractable Meniere's disease treated with autogenic training.
Short-term effects of postural drainage with clapping vs autogenic drainage on oxygen saturation and sputum recovery in patients with cystic fibrosis.
Autogenic training: A mind-body approach to the treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome.
In autogenic training, a Western style of meditation, awareness is channeled to sensory experiences, such as feelings of bodily heaviness and warmth, and eventually to coolness of the forehead (Luthe 1965).
23,33) It is thought that they increase ROM at the proximal joints through Sherrington's Law and autogenic inhibition.
Various reconstructive options are available to fill these defects and provide bone integrity, including allogeneic or autogenic bone grafts and many different bony substitutes [5].
In terms of applications, the market is segmented into allogeneic bones, bone graft substitute, autogenic bones, osteoarticular diseases, and others.
There is a lengthening list of strategies, such as biofeedback, mindfulness training, and autogenic therapy, which have been used to help patients adapt to and eventually modify the impact of pain signaling.
Featuring K2M's proprietary Tifix locking technology, the mono cervical plate system does not require an additional locking mechanism, as each screw head forms an autogenic lock to the plate upon insertion.
Stretching techniques with PNF are characterized by the use of active muscular contraction with the purpose to cause autogenic inhibition of the stretched muscle.
The effects of prolonged and intense SS on the joint receptors might lead to inhibitory effects on motoneurons, such as autogenic inhibition and Type III (mechanoreceptor) and IV (nociceptor) afferents and Golgi tendon organ discharge, and their greatest effects can remain for 5-10 minutes (Behm and Kibele, 2007).
In 48% of cases the treatment involved primary suture, 27% of patients had nerve reconstruction by autogenic graft (cable), in 19% of cases secondary suture was performed and in 6% nerve neurolysis was done.
Athanasiou, "Success Rates and Immunologic Responses of Autogenic, Allogenic, and Xenogenic Treatments to Repair Articular Cartilage Defects," Tissue Engineering.
Sediments included terrigenous clays and silts, derived from the uplifted Taconic Orogen to the east-southeast, and autogenic skeletal carbonates, mostly bryozoan zoaria, brachiopod shells and crinoid ossicles.