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self-fertilization in plants

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cuspidata displays little propensity for autogamy or selfing and is primarily self-incompatible; however, this is not uncommon for the Asteraceae (Ferrer and Good-Avila, 2007) and perennials in general (Duminil et al.
The results of fruits harvested show that sesame is a plant with mixed pollination, which produce fruit by both autogamy (auto and self-pollination) and crossbreeding (cross-pollination), like most higher plants (DELAPLANE et al.
Autogamy and hybridization as evolutionary mechanisms in Panicum subgenus Dichanthelium (Gramineae).
Increased LD is the result of new mutations, population structure, autogamy, genetic isolation, admixture, genetic drift, small founder population size, epistasis, genomic rearrangement, selection and kinship, whereas higher rates of recombination and mutation, recurrent mutations, gene conversion and outcrossing significantly decrease LD (Gupta et al.
Autogamy or hummingbird-pollination are conceivable as pollination modes, but field observations are not available.
Since some studies have demonstrated high levels of autogamy in the common bean and others have demonstrated allogamy when pollinators are abundant (Brunner and Beaver, 1989; Triana et al.
Autogamy or self-pollination in tomatoes can also take place with the assistance of bees, but not in the usual way.
I assessed the contribution of autogamy to selfing by comparing pollen deposition, seed production, and the selfing rate of flowers emasculated before anther dehiscence with intact flowers.
Because the coastal subspecies is capable of autogamy, the availability of self-pollen in the field would tend to reduce its hybridization rate, irrespective of visitation frequency.