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characterized by or fit for autogamy

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Discussion and conclusions: Although our results found a low genetic diversity of Tillandsia recurvata, these do not support the idea that it is an autogamous species, as it was suggested by Soltis et al.
Effect of population size on the mating system in a self-compatible, autogamous plant, Aquilegia canadensis (Ranunculaceae).
I estimated the amount of autogamous pollination by comparing the stigmatic pollen loads of intact and emasculated flowers.
Flowers of autogamous racemes were less likely to set fruit than any of the other pollination treatments ([G.
mombin could be considered an autogamous species, high Nm index could be mainly due to seed dispersal as commercial fruits, because populations are far from each other.
monococcum subsp, aegilopoides and most Aegilops species are considered to be autogamous (self fertilized) (Peterson, 1965; Hammer, 1980).
This contrasts sharply with 6% of the plants (2/32) in the hand self-pollination or 0% autogamous selfing treatments (0/15) (Tables 2 and 3).
1]s prevented Stebbins (1957) from obtaining progeny from crosses between the otherwise autogamous grasses, Elymus and Sitanion.
The species of genus Capsicum are autogamous and they have perfect flowers, having male and female structures in the same flower, which facilitates reproduction by self- pollination.
recurvatum, fruit and seed set in autogamous and xenogamous hand pollinations were compared with that in open pollinated controls using ANOVAs.
Species can be classified by their reproduction mode as autogamous (obligatory or facultative) or allogamous (obligatory or facultative), depending on the pollination mode.
2002)], while autogamous species have relatively lower percentages of within-accession variation (43% for Hordeum spontaneum K.
of considerable heterozygosity in allozyme surveys of autogamous natural