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an optical device for focussing a camera or other instrument automatically

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Autofocusing of aerial camera is realized by the following three methods [3-6].
The proposed autofocusing algorithm is named "CPI-split autofocusing", since it consists in the partition and the concatenation of the raw data matrices of two consecutive coherent processing intervals (CPIs).
We are certain that further development and testing will release the full potential of the Content-based Autofocusing.
Ironically, to eliminate autofocusing systems, they devised a defocusing lens.
Offering outstanding color reproduction, enhanced autofocusing and superb resolution, the X-A2 makes it easier than ever before for photographers to get the premium image quality that's become synonymous with Fujifilm's X Series.
NASDAQ: IRIS), a manufacturer and marketer of automated IVD urinalysis systems and medical devices used in hospitals and reference clinical laboratories worldwide, today announced that its Advanced Digital Imaging Research, LLC subsidiary (ADIR) has been awarded a $746,167 research grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for "Multiresolution Autofocusing for Automated Microscopy.
Affordable New Camera Features Fastest-in-Class Startup, 8X Optical "Mega Zoom," Fast and Reliable Autofocusing, and Energy Efficient Design
features a 10x optical Mega-zoom GT lens, Rapid Autofocusing,
7-second startup time, autofocusing, autoexposure, auto white-balance, and other creative capabilities this new compact camera is ready to go at a moment's notice.
Autofocusing, High Quality Images and Movies, Super Macro Mode,
The Minolta Freedom Zoom 160 Date and Freedom Zoom 140 Date 35mm cameras incorporate Minolta's new autofocusing system - AREA-AF.
Autofocusing is fast, accurate and silent, thanks to Canon's original ring USM (Ultrasonic Motor).
The same extra data processing power that enables other new features such as DIGIC and extended-duration movie mode has also enabled Canon to increase the number of autofocusing zones employed by the S230 to nine, compared to the 3-point focusing system used with the S330 and S200 Digital ELPHs.