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an optical device for focussing a camera or other instrument automatically

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With the AutoFocus service, security practitioners gain instant access to actionable intelligence derived from billions of file analysis artifacts based on the files collected from of over 5,000 global enterprises, service providers, and government organization routinely targeted by advanced, targeted attacks.
2 R APD is quick to use thanks to the high-speed, quiet autofocus.
It shoots at speed and delivers 20 frames per second in autofocus and up to 60 in fixed focus.
The company claims that the laser autofocus sensor mechanism is very quick as it takes only 0.
The stepper-motor-driven Zoom and Autofocus lens assembly is tightly coupled with the image sensor and the ISP circuitry.
Increasingly seen in high-end smart phones, DOC’s MEMS actuators are used to automatically position lens elements within cameras to provide fast, precise, and low power autofocus on the photo’s subject.
com concluded: "When used in full auto mode, the G3's autofocus and metering system do an admirable job under a wide range of conditions of producing a pleasing image.
The autofocus method was implemented as macro plugin to work online within the Axio Vision software environment.
Coleshill car crash support firm Accident Exchange launched legal action in September 2009 against Suffolk-based car consultancy Autofocus after uncovering what it claimed was evidence of thousands of cases of "incorrect or dishonest" information being used in insurance claims.
Image acquisition is optimized by using a monochrome camera and advanced illumination, autoexposure, and autofocus techniques.
The new digital camera, which Olympus claims provides the world's fastest autofocus, is expected to retail for around 200,000 yen, it said.
The electroactive polymer artificial muscle (EPAM) technology is responsive, yet low-power, component for moving autofocus mechanisms in cameraphones.
Weighing less than a pound, the HV10 records in true 1080 HD video Its advanced features include a CMOS sensor for capturing high-resolution video, an optical stabilizer to reduce shakiness, and an autofocus system that is critical when shooting in high definition.
The camera is impressive, boasting autofocus and 20x zoom.
The XJ-350 ($3,999) offers 2,200 ANSI lumens in a 9x7x2-inch configuration, while the slightly larger XJ-450 ($4,999) has 2,800 lumens with autofocus, and auto vertical and horizontal keystone correction.