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a person who has taught himself

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ASHISH THAKKAR 33 UGANDA Chief Executive Officer Autodidact.
A go-getting autodidact, Vidal earned enough money to live independently before reaching middle age -- despite the boycotting of his racy, bestselling novels by a major book reviewer at The New York Times.
You can be an autodidact, a MOOC-addict or at least a casual reader in these other fields.
The book is appropriate for both the adult autodidact rediscovering science and older children approaching formal coverage of the topics in school.
Who taught him, or if he was an autodidact, where did he find the resources to teach himself?
But Miriam, in the latter camp, is still her mother's daughter, an autodidact intellectual crackling with life and notions of justice.
He was a Christian, a nationalist, an autodidact, an eccentric, a political exile, and a bohemian.
Being perforce an autodidact he had read Barbara Godwin's Justice by Lottery and been entranced.
I also reserve a special place in that pantheon for my late father, William Lloyd Clarke (1935-2005), an autodidact intellectual and artist; also my mother, Geraldine Elizabeth Clarke (1939-2000), an expert in early childhood education; also, my uncle, Angus Johnson, whose wit and country wisdom is irrepressible and irreplaceable; and also my aunt, Joan Mendes, who is nothing but plain talk, plain truth, and very serious laughter.
From the Christian point of view, as from the Jewish before it, this runs some risk of blasphemy (not something that troubled the autodidact Malevich in his swashbuckling writing), the only defense being that one's infraction was for the sake of the good, which for both Malevich and Lissitzky was true.
Another author is Malik Kutlu, autodidact painter, son of the late Great Khan of Little Pamir, Afghanistan.
Hesketh usefully discusses Buckle's work, documenting Buckle's great respect for Auguste Comte, and the concerted attack that was mounted to discredit this presumptuous young autodidact, an attack that focused particularly on the denial of free will discerned in Buckle's mechanistic vision of historical change.
An autodidact with an uneven education, Spencer was determined to arrive at one sweeping formula that could provide a credible basis for all knowledge.
An autodidact, Sun Ra was steeped in literatures and music that crossed racial boundaries and intellectual genres, from the mysticism of the Gnostics to the musical ideas of the European classical avant-garde.
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