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a device that displays words for people to read


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Autocues QStart is downloadable software, which could be utilized offline.
Autocue and a Vitec Videocom brand, is pleased to demonstrate how teleprompting can save your production time and money through making the unlimited version of their popular QStart teleprompter software free to everyone with effect from July 1, 2016.
Our philosophy at Autocue is that every production can benefit from a teleprompter, says Robin Brown, Product Manager.
The 61-year-old Crocodile rocker had an autocue by his piano, scrolling the lyrics of his most famous songs.
But newsreaders have proved that while they are on air their job isn't just about reading an autocue.
Although most news bulletins pass without such incident, Elfyn Thomas, a newsreader for the BBC's Wales Today for about three years during the late '80s, said the job was much more than just reading an autocue.
I don't think the general public believe newsreaders just read the autocue but I believed it, which is why I insisted on going out and reporting.
Then, just to really see how they cope under pressure, stop the autocue so they have to ad-lib their way through the link
Here's one of them: For his stand-up, Lenny Henry uses an autocue.
It is huge entertainment when you realise that they are actually paid money for sitting and actually reading autocues.
There is a future for us all when we decide to do absolutely nothing but read autocues.
To every pretentious, bum-creeping national newsreader who ditched their northern accent and contorted their voice into BBC Dalek simply to read TV autocues, be scared.
Kids will be delighted at the chance to have a go at drawing their own cartoons, try reading the news from autocues and they can also press buttons to watch their favourite movie clips.