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any physiologically active internal secretion especially one of uncertain classification


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Melatonin: a hormone, a tissue factor, an autocoid, a paracoid, and an antioxidant vitamin," Journal of Pineal Research, vol.
Proresolving lipid mediators are locally acting autocoids whose concentrations would be expected to be highest at sites of inflammation where they exert their effects.
Intense pain in the laminae and huge amount of autocoids in the circulation may be responsible for this pyrexic response in the affected animals.
Within EC cells 5-HT is synthesized from tryptophan by tryptophan hydroxylase (a mixed function oxidase) and stored with other autocoids, such as vasoconstrictor peptide, substance P and other kinins (Bush and Mayer 2006).
Most common sequence of topics according to interest of student in pharmacology is CVS, ANS, respiratory system, GIT, endocrine, autocoids, CNS, chemotherapy and general pharmacology.