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Synonyms for autoclave

a device for heating substances above their boiling point

subject to the action of an autoclave

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The Stainless Steel Autoclave is formulated to serve a multitude of applications.
The WSF Dewaxing Autoclave System is capable of processing large mold loads of different configurations and varying weights.
Faced with this challenge, operations management at Pueblo Viejo came up with a plan to increase autoclave availability and throughput by extending the period between maintenance shutdowns from every six months to every seven or potentially eight months.
The autoclave addition is part of an expansion to Spirit's composite fuselage facility, where the company makes the carbon-fiber nose section for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.
The double bagging polypropylene autoclave bags were loaded only 2/3 full with all waste types.
Biological indicators are considered the only process indicators that can directly monitor the lethality of a given cleaning process and are recommended by the FDA for all autoclave usage.
The 150-liter laboratory autoclave has a stainless steel, 500 mm diameter sterilizing chamber.
The uncompromising level of safety on this 150-litre front loading autoclave is achieved by way of a design that incorporates the highest level of door interlock settings, preventing doors on either end of the chamber to be simultaneously opened.
The autoclave was designed under a UNDP/GEF project and is manufactured by a South African company, Mediclave to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis and other diseases that can be transmitted through infectious waste.
High-vacuum, high-pressure, high-temperature steam autoclave sterilization of biologically contaminated materials such as these eliminates all forms of infectious biohazardous microorganisms - viral, bacterial and fungal - including the Ebola virus.
The Medalist compounds were tested and found to have better tensile and elongation properties than TPVs before autoclaving, and to retain more of these properties after multiple autoclave cycles, said to be an important advantage in the many medical devices intended for reuse.
But according to experts and health officials, those that are going for anything from check-ups to operations may be putting themselves at risk for infection and disease at clinics across Sana'a, as standard sterilization practices, including the use of an autoclave, are falling by the wayside.
Twenty minutes in an autoclave, a pressurized steam chamber, is the usual method.
The spore is live on a strip and we would place a certain amount of spores in the chamber of the autoclave, with some kept out of the autoclave.
North Dakota, USA-based airframer Cirrus Aircraft said it is expanding its Grand Forks facility to accommodate a new autoclave oven in preparation for production of the Vision SF50 jet.