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Synonyms for autochthonous

existing, born, or produced in a land or region

Synonyms for autochthonous

of rocks, deposits, etc.

originating where it is found

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Fulminant liver failure from acute autochthonous hepatitis E in France: description of seven patients with acute hepatitis E and encephalopathy.
In the above cases, superhuman characters for whom the laws of nature are suspended, as Frye theorized, are manifest, but by way of images of good, evil, beliefs about heaven, God, punishment, and what should constitute these as different from what these are in Western cosmological parlance, have the cosmologies autochthonous to the African worldview helped in positing African characters as heroes.
The ethnic and linguistic groups living in the country before this turnover, and still remaining, would then be regarded as autochthonous national minorities, while late-comers will be classed as immigrants of foreign origin.
In conclusion, our data indicate that autochthonous malaria case must have been transmitted by An.
His dissertation was an analysis of Benuaq Dayak autochthonous religion using methods from ethnolinguistics, cognitive anthropology, and historical linguistics and is based on ethnographic data collected during fieldwork in East Kalimantan, 2004-2008.
Urethral stones are classified as (a) Native or autochthonous and (b) Migrant or secondary depending upon their site of origin.
Two Dutch citizens have been intercepted by police while allegedly attempting to filch out 57 singular tulip bulbs that are autochthonous to Erzurum's Karayazi town.
First cases of autochthonous dengue fever and chikungunya fever in France: from bad dream to reality
Sporadic cases of acute autochthonous hepatitis E virus infection in Southwest Germany.
While autochthonous vector-borne cases of infection are rare in the United States (6), recent estimates indicate that over 300,000 individuals within the Latin American immigrant populations are infected with T.
Bauman's approach seems designed to undermine the still important distinction between imposed religious systems and autochthonous systems.
34]S distribution and range among the freshwater fishes suggest that both autochthonous and allochthonous (terrestrial C3 photosynthetic production and MDN) nutrient sources are important to the tidal freshwater fish community.
This includes the $ 1mln biodiversity rehabilitation program (2009-2012) that seeks to regenerate autochthonous species in bare or low density vegetation areas, develop parking spaces, and regulate the frequenting of natural parks.
Despite their axial poise, the dual forms operate completely in the round, with each face addressing specific orientation purposefully, gaining what the architects describe as its 'optimum rapport with the landscape'; in the upper part towards a wood of myrtle trees and autochthonous bushes, and to each side through careful arrangement of screened openings that frame views, welcome light, or provide sheltered entrances.