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the earliest known inhabitants of a region

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Although one can speak of a continuous highly tensed discourse on immigrant integration (Schinkel, 2007; Van Reekum et al, 2012), the classification of the "four classic groups"; Turks, Moroccans, Antilleans, and Surinamese, in comparison to autochthones seems never to be problematized or replaced.
The term Ur-Nation might be an echo of Brosses's and Forster's conjectural histories of the destruction or displacement of primitive black autochthones by more advanced Malays.
After having stripped the autochthones of their land, nothing more remained but to strip them of their bodies.
Creating an ever-expanding host of different Others narrows the group comprising the autochthones.
McDougall outlines how in both the first emergence of the 'new Christian world order' in 1916 and its contemporary perpetuation, women are credited with transcending the differences between autochthones and foreigners.
Im wesentlichen geht es dabei um die Frage, ob der Renarrativ ein allochthones oder autochthones Phanomen darstellt, was nach dem gegenwartigen Stand der wissenschaftlichen Forschung noch nicht bewiesen werden kann und auch nicht die Aufgabe dieses Beitrags sein soll.
vegetate, become vagabonds, die of hunger, join the army already too bloated with wretched autochthones.
Parkhouse (ed), The Autochthones of Australia, Parkhouse, Adelaide.
This particular construction of Manggarai autochthones is reminiscent of Bimanese historical accounts mentioned earlier.