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catalysis in which the catalyst is one of the products of the reaction

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Outstanding shelf life and solderability: Due to the autocatalytic nature of the silver bath, any thickness of silver can be achieved with a dense, crystalline, pore free deposit, showing excellent shelf life and solderability due to prevention of copper migration to the surface through pores.
24] proposed a similar model for the degradation of PLA that takes into consideration the autocatalytic behavior observed by others.
Balaraju, JN, Rajam, KS, "Preparation and Characterization of Autocatalytic.
The results of DSC studies on samples prepared by the conventional melt mixing technique show that the blends follow an autocatalytic cure mechanism.
It is noted that oxygen plays an autocatalytic role in the degradation cycle through the formation and subsequent decomposition of peroxide and hydroperoxide species.
The oxidation of hydrocarbon or related polymers by oxygen is autocatalytic with the primary product of the process being hydroperoxide (ref.
The kinetic analysis showed the suitability of autocatalytic model for cure characterization.
The kinetic model that we use to describe the polymerization of the two powder-coated systems is an autocatalytic model given by Sestak-Berggren (1), (4), (12).
These hydroperoxides decompose to alkoxy and hydroxy radicals which, in turn, abstract more hydrogens generating more polymer radicals and the cycle becomes autocatalytic, as shown in equations 2 through 5, which illustrate some, but not all, of the reactions which can occur during the propagation stage.
In addition to the CEGs initially present, melt processing inevitably increases acid content, and because polyester hydrolysis is autocatalytic, increases in acid content can give rise to accelerated degradation, especially above the polyester [T.
These patents specifically cover selective amplification of target polynucleotide sequences and autocatalytic methods of nucleic acid sequence amplification.
The temporarily decreased activation energy level was attributed to the autocatalytic effect driven by the formation of tertiary amine once the secondary amines reacted with the epoxy prepolymer.
The hydroperoxide level starts at a low value during a weathering exposure, increases rapidly after leaving the intial so-called induction period for the autocatalytic acceleration phase of autoxidation, eventually reaches a plateau value, and usually levels off when radical concentration reaches levels high enough for recombination reactions to overcompensate initiation reactions.
1A likely represent fragmented hK6, which is known to have autoactivation and autocatalytic activity (26, 27).