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catalysis in which the catalyst is one of the products of the reaction

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the manifestation of autocatalysis, catalytic closure, systems chemistry, and autopoiesis which provide a sufficient description of why life exists.
Computations and cybernetic processes are insentient because approach builds on and extends Maturana and Varela's (1980) notion of autopoiesis and Stuart Kauffman's (1993, 1995) idea of autocatalysis.
Model-based studies indicate that positive feedback loop motifs with mutually activating genes, protein covalent modification cycles with autocatalysis, and enzymatic cascades produce transcritical bifurcations (Aguda 1999; Alam-Nazki and Krishnan 2012; Widder et al.
Researchers have shown that for poly(lactic acid), pseudo-first-order kinetics are a good approximation for hydrolysis catalyzed by an external strong acid but are insufficient for modeling autocatalysis [75].
To make a metabolome, non-equilibrium chemistry requires the informatic loop to lead to network autocatalysis.
One recent theory in complexity science, known as autocatalysis, shapes the very structure of this ambitious book and defines the relationships among its many characters.
In this model, explanations employ both positive and negative feedback loops and autocatalysis (the speeding up of a reaction by a catalyst that is a product of the reaction).
make a basis for the formation of the proper biological metabolism, including the autocatalysis, cyclic chemical processes, and feedback loops (3rd DUP).
Characterized by: goals, positive and negative feedback, autocatalysis, emergent properties and surprise.
None of the mutant versions of furin exhibited evide nce of autocatalysis.
Descriptions, explanations, and examples of what is meant by chance, chaos, coincidence, and autocatalysis in human evolution occupy the major part of the book, and these all deserve comment and some criticism.
Hines, Effects of dynamic step-step repulsion and autocatalysis on the morphology of etched Si(111) surfaces, Phys.
free" out of randomness through such processes as autocatalysis,
Moreover, even in the world without life we see the possibilities of the simplest forms of information storage and retrieval (he suggests autocatalysis and perhaps the unknown ways in which the crystalline form of an atom is stored).