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of or relating to or characteristic of an autobiographer

relating to or in the style of an autobiography

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As Gullestad (2005) points out, a significant part of autobiographic accounts is devoted to childhood, and the reflection afforded by writing can be viewed as a dialogue between the child the author was and the adult they became.
Ajoutons qu'il en faut une dose supplementaire pour lancer dans le monde une autobiographic intellectuelle, un genre ou ce ne sont pas seulement les idees, les analyses, mais tout un itineraire de vie qui se trouvent jetes en pature a la critique.
As a writer, De Quincey threw off sparks in far-flung directions, but his memoiristic explorations make up a vast chunk of his reputation: not just the Confessions but the later Autobiographic Sketches and the profoundly affecting account of his sister Elizabeth's early death in Suspiria de Pro fundis.
The book also won the Autobiographic awards shortlist for 2011, was Edmonton Journal's number four best seller in 2011, along with winning among 196 books from 196 countries with Anna Margin in the UK.
Linguistically reflecting the liminal space from which it comes, the narrative profoundly subverts the traditional understanding of the autobiographic subject as an "autonomous individual" who relates a "universalizing life story" (Smith and Watson 2001: 3).
They are confessional, autobiographic, but also filled with a hard-fought and costly earned set of insights.
Written as an anthology of autobiographic poems, "Adirondack Paper Girl" depicts Breed's life as the daughter of a miner forced by hard times to move his family from village to village.
Beyond Grimes and Morris' (1997) work, a handful of autobiographic and autoethnographic essays document how class mattered in the lived experience of American academics (Dews and Law 1996; Ryan and Sackrey 1984; Tokarczyk and Fay 1993), and even in some cases, Canadian academics (Overall 1998).
Dilthey's approach to autobiography also shaped Georg Misch's monumental Geschichte der Autobiographic (1949-1950, 1955-1969).
She wrote more than two dozen books on her travels in the Middle East and Afghanistan, as well as several autobiographic works and essays.
The scientists found that compared to participants who did not drink, those who reported consuming light or moderate amounts of alcohol in older age had a larger hippocampus, a key memory region of the brain, and better memory for autobiographic events, such as times, places, and emotions.
This work aims at contributing for the field of the visual poetics, as well as for the literature, regarding autobiographic narratives, queer and/or feminist poetics.
The collection of poems is like an autobiographic poems coming from author's soul and it's beautiful with philosophical traits.
The social and historic circumstances of her childhood and youth that she describes in her autobiographic book entitled Ai suru (that means "to love" in Japanese) resemble the feudal, isolated anachronistic Japanese society of the first half of the nineteenth century from certain points of view.
My sculpture so far has been essentially autobiographic, my life in Makkah.