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of or relating to or characteristic of an autobiographer

relating to or in the style of an autobiography

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In the graduate school milieu, these autobiographic and autoethnographic essays also reveal how working-class students' family backgrounds make it difficult for them to network, hob-nob, and politic (Charlip 1996; see also Grimes and Morris 1997:100).
The Romanian intellectual creates an autobiographic discourse in which the games of memory and personal history are juxtaposed so as to project a subtextually emergent identity.
Encouraged, the protege merrily attacked the racial divide with insightful, autobiographic jokes to make his audiences think, all the while laughing out loud.
Coming after his foray onto the well-trodden grounds of autobiographic comics, this is an effective way to end his analysis, bringing Gardner back to his book's greatest strength: its awareness of the comic page as a space for reader choice and interaction.
In recent years, the scope of her vision has moved outwards from the bodily and the autobiographic to more universal and abstract contemplations on the spirit and the ephemeral (in work titled Luminous).
Therefore, the question explored in this study, based on the theory of the apprenticeship of observation, examines how PSTs' autobiographic schooling experiences are mediated by current academic experiences and planning for future practice.
Whoever wants to read about her can check her autobiographic book "This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President" (previous article: The Iron Lady in the Dark Continent on 27/8/2012).
2009) indigenous people Smith (1999) Apolitical activity Porsanger As power and control (2004) Table 2: Methods in indigenous research Area Methodology Method Researchers' Reflexive For example: Telling autobiographic reflexivity praxis (from stories about self (the researcher) Waghid (2001) and among selves (researchers) Multi-layered Including: Transparent.
In addition to alerting students to current APA guidelines that require the use of person-first language, we referred to autobiographic writing to examine this notion of language preferences.
This method is "a reflexive means by which the researcher-practitioner consciously embeds himself or herself amidst theory and practice, and by way of intimate autobiographic account, explicates a phenomenon under investigation" (McIlveen, 2008, p.
In one series of studies, (Nigro & Neisser, 1983) healthy subjects were required to vividly imagine a variety of events from autobiographic memory.
Rooted in the rich historical and autobiographic context of her own experiences with Benga, McCray offers compelling, dexterous poems that place Benga's story within the racial milieu of the early twentieth century as the burgeoning science of social anthropology worked to classify humans based on race and culture.
Subtly relating the perfect impersonality of industrial icons and an autobiographic tonality, "Cplsion Cldestine" contrasted the coldness, the impeccable finish of formal experiments with the fragile, intimate dimension of a dreamed-about everyday.
Learning about Race and Racism An Autobiographic Exploration
1971, XXIX, 1-7) supplemented the description of the vice of acedia with the narration of an autobiographic episode.