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someone who writes their own biography

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He rejects the notion that any autobiographer (even the "confessional" Rousseau) has ever given a true record of his inner life (70) and, unlike Newman and Mill, does not have a history of ideas or opinions to tell the reader.
Modern novelists or autobiographers create a "totalizing narrative" of their own rather than merely conforming to an established tradition (60).
Absent as well are autobiographers who have been the focus of critical studies such as Patricia Williams (The Alchemy of Race and Rights), Assata Shakur (Assata), Melba Patillo Beals (Warriors Don't Cry), and Elaine Brown (A Taste of Power).
What we can know of truth exists for Buck somewhere in the give-and-take between form (and the identity it conveys) on the one hand, and what Buck calls intentionality (the persona an autobiographer consciously intends to portray) on the other hand.
The autobiographer thus works under the pretense of a singular "I," but the first person always conceals a secret third person:
Only autobiographers are forced to reveal their personal mythologies, and even some of them manage to avoid doing it.
Political autobiography includes the following elements: The autobiographer emphasizes the "story of the struggle over her own personal ordeals"; she will use her own story both to document the history of the political struggle as well as to further its political agenda; she will provide a voice for the voiceless; she will "honor strategic silences in order to protect the integrity of the struggle as well as the welfare of other activists"; she will expose oppressive conditions and the repressive tactics of the state; and she will use autobiography as a form of political intervention, to educate as broad an audience as possible to the situation and issues at stake.
In other words, Pedro de Ribadeneyra has the distinction of having been a biographer of men, a biographer of women, and an autobiographer.
Another autobiographer, Gudhrun Gudhmundsdottir (b.
Gage is evolving a sort of feminist mannerism, a seamless amalgam of commercial and documentary techniques in which the gamine, always already commodified, is retooled as a supreme blend of empty icon and knowing autobiographer.
His autobiographer Eddie Rowley says he cannot even meet the Irish heart-throb.
Autobiographers such as the boxer Daniel Mendoza and Mary Robinson compose a self in a way that elicits feelings from his or her readers, and those feelings, in turn, validate the autobiographer's created self.
Although Dupuy approaches his subject through the genre of autobiography because 'Percy, like the autobiographer and like theorists of autobiography, engages in questions of the self in relation to language and consciousness and time' (p.
he who tells its story is not so much humanity's biographer as its autobiographer because he simply speaks for humanity, since its general story can only be realized in a particular text.