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the burning to death of heretics (as during the Spanish Inquisition)

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Having inexplicably entered the cell and now standing before the newly awakened Alonzo, Melmoth takes advantage of the terror that the auto-da-fe dream has inspired in the inmate, offering to free him in exchange for his soul (183, 409).
man of learning and specialist in sinology" (Canetti, Auto-da-fe 10), is actually entitled to carry the title of "Professor" (Structures 71).
The part devoted to Auto-da-Fe begins with the charming 1936 review of the novel written by Hermann Hesse.
Elias Canetti, Nobel Prize winner, is best known for his novel Auto-da-fe and for studying the psychology of crowds, which can be radically different from the make-up of each individual within that crowd.
Even a notorious auto-da-fe occurred far less often and ended up finally as an occasional festivity.
Anything by Canetti--the Nobel-prize-winning author of Auto-Da-Fe, Crowds and Power and (my favorite) The Voices of Marrakesh--is worth reading.
and Elias Canetti's of a pathetic one in Auto-da-Fe.
The ever-vicious auto-da-fe featured an all-local quintet of finger-wagging Inquisitors--Mel Braun, P.
However it would be deplorable if anyone else were to be subjected to an auto-da-fe like mine in the future.
He chose an Olympic festival for his well-advertised auto-da-fe, and it is clear even from Lucian's astringent account that he attracted a large, devoted following.
Ivan Denisovich lives in the gulag, Camus's plague is in northern Africa, Goytisolo's modern John awaits his auto-da-fe in the nearby soccer stadium.
But there are Jack and Jackie Kennedy, so this must be the '60s, though by the auto-da-fe scene we are embroiled in early-'50s McCarthyism, and the Atlantic is crossed on the Titanic (eh?