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The Web browser allows users to view multiple web pages with its tabbed interface and it has a collection of innovative features that increase web browsing productivity, such as the pop-up blocker, direct search, keyword navigation, auto login, form filler, multiple start pages, mouse gestures, super drag and drop and more.
The browser has a collection of other popular tools, such as the auto login, which securely manages passwords and allows instant login; form filler, that fill forms with one click; the direct search that enables users to search the Web from the address bar.
Only one registration is necessary, making it easy and convenient for consumers to sign up and auto login to multiple XMarkstheSpot partner sites.
Duplicate loan check functionality and auto login capabilities are also included in the WebTrac Pro update.
According to NetSupport, the new release of NSS provides student auto login, Internet co-browsing, new testing options and group features and other improvements intended to maximise the computer user's productivity in the computer lab.