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an authority who authorizes (people or actions)


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As is true of all charter schools, the governing board is formally accountable to the authorizer for the school's performance.
Surprisingly, the typical authorizer does not ask for such information during this stage: 26 of 69 agencies require outcomes information during the initial authorization.
s charter authorizer cites low enrollment or inadequate academic achievement for many of the closures, but "financial and management deficiencies" contributed to at least 16 closures and "governance" problems to another 4 since 1998.
after which they must renew their charter with the authorizer.
According to the 2011 survey report from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA, 2012), there were an estimated 957 charter school authorizers nationally as of fall 2011.
In June 2007, the SSA hired Perry to be a benefits authorizer.
This new emphasis has put the role of authorizers, which sponsor and oversee charter schools, in the spotlight.
Completed claims are routed directly to the relevant authorizer using CODA's embedded Workflow, prompting further actions by users throughout the organization.
3 Software provides support for CyberKey Authorizer remote stations with network and modem capabilities.
The CyberKey Authorizer from Videx of Corvallis, Oregon, brings network and modem capabilities to the CyberLock Access Control System.
If this legislation becomes law, it will provide much needed competition to the district and eliminate the conflict of interest that often comes into play with the LAUSD as both the authorizer of and competitor to charter schools.
AA extends the ability of a credit authorizer to make decisions on referred credit transactions (not automatically approved).
Depending on the type of credit you request, a loan or credit clerk, credit checker, or credit authorizer will review your credit history and obtain the information needed to detennine your creditworthiness.
12) The unit of analysis for most of the analysis is the authorizer, not the state.