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the maximum number of shares authorized under the terms of a corporation's articles of incorporation

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Currently, the authorized capital of commercial banks has to be not less than 200 million som ($3.
Union Bank had received an advisory from the BSP approving the expansion in authorized capital, which currently stands at P6.
During the month, returns for increase in the authorized capital of 73companies were accepted, with the total authorized capital increment of Rs.
Hottovy, chief financial officer for Scientific Software, said he was pleased the shareholders approved the increase in authorized capital.
Macalino, the BSP and SEC have given go ahead to the lender s amended Articles of Incorporation increasing the authorized capital stock from P6.
PNB, before getting approval, had an authorized capital stock of P50 billion comprising 1.
To date, Kyrgyz citizens when entering the civil service are prohibited from owning shares, other securities and stakes in authorized capital of organizations.
During the month, 98 companies increased their authorized capital with the aggregate authorized capital increment of Rs 4.
The total authorized capital and paid-up capital of the companies registered during the preceding financial year, amounted to Rs103.
Also passed at the meeting were board proposals to amend the articles of incorporation of First Western to increase the authorized capital from 10 million shares of $5.
SendTec also announced that on November 10, 2006, it received the requisite stockholder vote approving an increase in the number of shares of the Company's authorized capital stock and will file an amendment to its certificate of incorporation to authorize such increase.
The press service of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus has announced that the Bank has increased its authorized capital to Br8.
34%-stake of Sky Finance in authorized capital of Kapriz Ltd23.
Stockholders approved the board of directors' report on the operations of Corimon during fiscal year 1991-1992 and voted to increase Corimon's authorized capital to 10 billion bolivars (US$ 152 million).
As part of the transaction, the Company amended its Articles of Incorporation to increase its authorized capital, as well as to change its name to "Beicang Iron and Steel Inc.
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