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Synonyms for authoritatively

in an authoritative and magisterial manner

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Doctor Emory glanced warningly to Doctor Masters, and Doctor Masters glanced authoritatively at the sergeant who glanced commandingly at his two policemen.
The next day the numerous subscribers to a certain liberal journal read, among the Paris items, the following article, inserted authoritatively by Chaboisseau and Metivier, share-holders in the said journal, brokers for publishers, printers, and paper-makers, whose behests no editor dared refuse:--
Bauerstein pushed his way authoritatively into the room.
You must do as I say," I interrupted authoritatively, for I saw Wolf Larsen's gaze wandering toward us from where he paced up and down with Latimer amidships.
Be quiet, Maggie," he said authoritatively, pushing her aside.
20) won authoritatively for the fifth time over fences in the past 12 months EYECATCHER Bengali (7.
Kaufman is a professor at NYU and received his PhD in psychology from Yale, so he's in the perfect position to comment authoritatively about the labels of 'gifted' and 'ungifted' and how they evolve.
The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen will have no detailed comment on Transport Canada's Emergency Directive as we are not sufficiently familiar with the details of Canadian rail safety regulation to authoritatively address the substance of the Emergency Directive.
In a statement, he said Obama's speech had broken new ground on a number of issues, adding that it sets out more clearly and more authoritatively than ever before the administration's legal justifications for targeted killing, and the constraints that it operates under.
Cllr Evans said: "The only person whose name has been authoritatively mentioned is the incumbent who ran the previous administration which earned plaudits from the Audit Commission for its stewardship.
First, it may seem to the student of military history problematic that a scholar without prior military experience would presume to write authoritatively on war.
The 2009/2010 edition of the WIBC Competitiveness Report will be launched in the gathering, a research that authoritatively assesses the strategic direction of the Islamic banking industry and the key players.
If he spent more time in the blighted areas, he could speak more authoritatively.
Speaking at the UN session in New York after the vote, Mr Miliband said: "The UN has served its purpose of speaking loudly and clearly and authoritatively and unequivocally.
A rabbi who can rule authoritatively on Jewish laws and practice.