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The addition of Authoring Pro to our Authoring Center further empowers them in this process.
There isn't anything like it on the market," said Uwe Reissenweber, General Manager at Docufy, a system integrator deploying a new XMetaL authoring solution at DaimlerChrysler.
89% = Subject matter experts with no page design, authoring, or programming experience.
MadCap Flare is the first native XML content authoring application designed for the single-source, multi-channel publishing demands enterprises face today.
THDassign works by providing essential meta-data and volume tagging information for the CMF outputs from both Scenarist HD DVD and Scenarist BD authoring systems.
With increasing volumes of information and content in large organizations, content authoring and content repository systems can no longer stand alone," said Bruce Sharpe, President, JustSystems Canada, Inc.
0 builds on XMetaL's established leadership in authoring solutions for structured content with significant improvements in publishing options, usability, scalability and deployment flexibility.
Sonic's newest partners represent a broad range of authoring houses across Europe, from large firms developing content for major Hollywood studios, to smaller companies developing speciality content.
We're pleased that InRule Technology, with BizAuthor, will support BizTalk Server 2004 and 2006, bringing the power of business language rule authoring and verification capabilities to the BizTalk Server product line," said Burley Kawasaki, group product manager of the BizTalk Server product management team at Microsoft Corp.
One of the areas in which Owens Corning wanted to improve was its MSDS authoring system.
the world leader in XML content creation and collaboration solutions, today announced a partnership that integrates Blast Radius XMetaL(R) DITA Edition into XyEnterprise's flagship content management system, Content@ to support both content creation and management using the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), a new OASIS standard for authoring topic-oriented content in XML.
Blast Radius, the world leader in XML content creation and collaboration solutions, today unveiled XMetaL Author DITA Edition, the first XML application built exclusively for natively authoring and publishing content using the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA).
Easy to use, even for beginners, the new TSUNAMI MPEG DVD AUTHOR PRO incorporates advanced tools like frame-level cut-editing, slideshow creation with Dolby(R) Digital sound, high-quality DVD menu templates -- 40 of them, developed by Motionsim -- and DVD simulation so that users can preview their DVD at any point during the authoring process.
amp; LONDON -- Testing and assessment software provider Questionmark today released a new version of its popular Word Authoring Templates product.