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of or by or typical of an author


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Because human beings "ha[ve] not been granted the gift of undoing" or of authorially editing historical events, they are "always .
The texts in question--the play The Shape of a Girl (2001) by Joan MacLeod, the teen novel The Beckoners (2004) by Carrie Mac, and Under the Bridge (2005), a true crime novel by Rebecca Godfrey--were chosen because they share certain characteristics: they were written by educated white women from British Columbia; their narratives are authorially situated as critical observations of Canadian girl culture; they explicitly reference Virk; their key characters are primarily white, Anglo girls.
The novel's climactic (and most authorially clumsy) act of political betrayal--Carter's canceling a special tour he had arranged for Valerie on the strength of her daughter's friendship with Amy--is precipitated by the forced resignation of Carter's head of OMB Bert Lance, the pious and corrupt smalltime Georgia businessman and another brother in the long fraternity of coattail riders who have embarrassed every administration from, one presumes, George Washington's on.
As soon as the authorially fashioned self is transfigured (transubstantiated) into the form of the white body, the believability of the text/author is arrested.
In a quick rush of coincidences that seem a little too authorially convenient, while Mademoiselle's car is getting torched (perhaps by Ann's brother), Ann is snooping around inside Mademoiselle Eugenie's house in the racially mixed neighborhood of Jamaica Plain.
Part one, entitled 'Primary Sources', is restricted to works written from an avowedly anarchist or anti-state communist perspective, while part two, entitled 'Secondary Texts', is devoted to 'commentaries (which may still be compatible with anarchism but were not authorially positioned or generally viewed as promoting anarchism) or texts explicitly espousing a competing viewpoint.
Both instances, Wollaeger argues, are not simply representations of torture but instances of Conrad narratively torturing his characters: Hirsch ever the malignantly manipulated victim of Conrad's extraordinary narrative contingencies, and Decoud the authorially coerced victim of a suicide that the text itself does not justify, all in the service of an overarching monologic vision by and to which Conrad compels his characters, their otherness denied, to conform (133-42).
But in Rauschenberg, the same impulse toward de-centering meaning-making from the artist to the audience assumes a kind of halfway stance, in that the work is partly authorially expressive and partly utterly random, so that part of the picture is completely chance-based and part is quite directed.
Griffiths pursues Skelton's interest in the active role of the reader in her consideration of the marginalia (which she claims are authorial or at least authorially approved) in Speke Parrot and two other late works.
3) For another example of an authorially imposed "happy ending" as a way to provide a semblance of narrative justice for a female rape victim, see Miguel de Cervantes's La fuerza de la sangre and Stacey L.
Gaylard views gender awareness as quintessential to a self-questioning turn in postcolonialism, and he provides analyses of varied representations of women and which challenge the traditionalist, realist portrayal of Mama Afrika figures who are authorially endorsed, while their polar opposite, prostitutes, are vilified.
Less convincing is the use of the Malcolm/Macduff test scene to argue that Shakespeare presents "top-down, masculine instruction" (186), premised upon Malcolm's being a reliable teacher regarding "manly grief": the play's fuller portrayal of Macduff--including his famous rejoinder that he must "feel it like a man" and his structural role as Macbeth's nemesis--would seem to contest this unironic endorsement of Malcolm as a model of authorially endorsed good counsel.
Authorially sanctioned improvisation is indicated by descriptive stage directions such as Cooke's 'Here they two talk and rail what they list' of 1611, and the suggestive etcs punctuating so many early modern play texts.
Can we ever speak with confidence of a text which is authorially determined from beginning to end?
Here within the prose biography Warren the narrator "recollects" his source, "Mortmain," as he will also "recollect" it authorially when he allows it, even though "wrong" in "general" chronological terms, to become the conclusion to his text.