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of or by or typical of an author


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We take up questions such as the following: Do we value the kind of affective experience offered by reading in the authorial audience?
Since there are no controls on this method, any passages from the canon picked at random might be similarly mined for authorial self-reflexivity.
The problem with analyzing the authorial lives of Victorian women (or perhaps any authors, or any women) may not be so much a "false binary," as the falseness of any binary--that is, any conceptual form that considers only two relevant positions in play at once.
In practice, the transformativeness inquiry focuses on whether the defendant engaged in authorial purpose or activity.
And is it still possible for critics to speak of authorial intention without irony?
If in order "to arrive at the auctoritas he yearns for, as he will in the Commedia, Dante must necessarily conceal the contingent historical path that led him there" (13), writes Ascoli, then it behooves the literary critic to uncover those authorial vestiges so as to expose the textual process by which Dante "emerges as an individualized, and willful, protomodern author-figure" (56).
The problem, of course, is who speaks for whom, who has that authorial privilege, and how should those assertions be interpreted, then re-interpreted, against changing tastes, attitudes, contexts.
This extension has been made possible by the liberating power of Authorial Disbelief.
For nature is never a given, but a fictional construct meant to convey the facets of authorial selves as they are caught fashioning themselves for the better or the worse.
As someone who has been reassured, comforted even, by Terence Hawkes's 'Shakespeare doesn't mean: we mean by Shakespeare' (Meaning by Shakespeare, 1992), it is salutary to be reminded how significant the author and authorial intent (plus its adjunct--speculative and selective biography) remain for some.
Admittedly the use of slang terms can become somewhat wearing--James II was 'drummed out of the country'--as can the off-hand (and not always accurate) treatment of history and the authorial pronouncements: 'The English have an abiding horror of homosexuality and bisexuality'.
The investigators requested an authorial attribution analysis (i.
In creating her definition, Harvey takes to task historians of pornography for examining authorial intention and not focusing on content.
Finally, he proposes that Augustine of Hippo, often considered a key figure in the development of "western" notions of self and authorial identity--a view that he largely accepts--adopted many of the techniques pioneered by earlier literary scholars to fashion his own brand of literary criticism and notion of authorship.
quotient and a certain amount of authorial pretentiousness.