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the name that appears on the by-line to identify the author of a work

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In a recent article, (1) the second author's name is Premal Patel.
For those not familiar with the Scottish Gaelic language, "Sassenach" is a disparaging term used by Highlanders to describe someone of Saxon descent, so this bitter rant was not accompanied by the "real" author's name.
The necessity to properly establish the author's name (in the past called the 'pen name') is a relevant decision for the authors.
The second author's name was inadvertently left off of the article published in the March 2010 Issue (Volume 122: 102-115).
is inspired by satirist late Sharad Joshi's Tum Kab Jaaoge Atithi , will mention the author's name in the opening credits itself.
The letter was released by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, but the author's name was withheld for security reasons.
The author's name or other identifying marks should not appear anywhere on the manuscript.
The author's name is a nom de plume of a writer who is described as a North American literary novelist.
I would be so glad if any ECHO reader who might have the book would let me have the author's name and/or the publishers.
Type in the author's name 'Anthony Blight' for further details and availability.
In the originally published article, an author's name was incorrectly spelled "Maserejan".
The quotes are grouped together by author, organized alphabetically by author's last name for quick reference, and each author's name is followed by a brief biography of a few sentences.
Any with more than a light interest in Japanese embroidery will readily recognize the author's name, for Shizuka Kusano is one of Japan's premiere textile artists, and her 'canvases' are the kimono, obi, and tapestries.
Each abstract lists an entry number, title, author's name and affiliation, and complete bibliographic information.
The author's name is close to my own, so there may be a moment of confusion here.