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Synonyms for authenticate

Synonyms for authenticate

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establish the authenticity of something

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Infineon currently offers two reference designs to enable fast and easy implementation of the FIDO standard for authentication tokens as well as implementation experience with customer specific design for multiple authenticator form factors.
Following the swear-in ceremony, Minister Al-Muosherj asked the new authenticators to do their best to serve Kuwaiti people and to learn from their seniors in the departments.
The Elvis market is a global one, and forgeries come from every corner of the globe, according to the authenticator.
These v-GO enhancements enable us to meet more of those needs than any ESSO vendor, fit into any existing two-factor authentication environment, and provide complete flexibility for customers that are changing authentication methods or deploying authenticators for the first time.
It integrates into the existing Identity infrastructure and supports any FIDO UAF certified authenticator.
The Diversinet Provisioning Server for the RSA SecurID solution is also integrated with RSA([R]) Authentication Deployment Manager, the web-based workflow automation system that is engineered to speed deployment of RSA SecurID software and hardware authenticators to end users.
RSA SecurID technology is comprised of a broad range of hardware and software authenticators designed to help prevent unauthorized access to corporate applications and resources.
Facilitated by the Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform, SeeZam will use a combination of authenticators to manage access to an online application that secures personal information, legal documents and other sensitive data.
BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, France -- nCryptone, the major actor of strong and multi-channel authentication solutions, and Inteligensa, a Latin-American company, specialized in the development and implementation of intelligent solutions for mass business, are joining their expertise to propose a new multi-purpose authenticator adapted to the diversity of contexts for the final user.
com), a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announced that PartyGaming, a leading online gaming company, decided to extend the protection of its Party-branded online customers with two-factor authentication using VACMAN Controller, VASCO's authentication server technology and equip their customers with a customized PartySecure authenticator.
This proven interoperability brings enhanced image security to ePassports and travel documents, and gives document authenticators additional verification capabilities.
Network Intelligence collects all the event data produced by users as they attempt to gain access to corporate networks using RSA SecurID authenticators.
DIGIPASS 250, 260 and 270 are pin-pad authenticators offering two-factor authentication and e-signature capability.
The suite also includes v-GO Session Manager(TM) for shared work stations and kiosks, v-GO Self Service Password Reset(TM) for resetting forgotten Windows passwords, v-GO Authentication Manager(TM) to enable universal sign-on with strong authenticators, and v-GO Provisioning Manager(TM) for interoperability with all major provisioning systems.