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Synonyms for authenticate

Synonyms for authenticate

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establish the authenticity of something

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The user authenticates once, and then logs onto any system just by clicking on an icon.
The Card Scanning offerings will enable a wider range of businesses who rely on driver licenses to take advantage of digital watermarking to verify age and authenticate driver licenses in markets ranging from retail operations and nightclubs to auto dealerships and insurance.
LAS VEGAS -- BAI Conference - Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today announced a program designed to reduce identity fraud at retail bank branches by using Hypercom's highly regarded point-of-service terminals and PIN entry devices to authenticate customers by using PIN numbers, biometric signature verification or both.
Prior to utilizing CRYPTOCard's RB-1 pinpad token to authenticate themselves by phone the maintenance staff had to travel to the clearance station and manually sign the Master Control document that lists all the isolated equipment to confirm that all machinery had been correctly shut down.
All failures to authenticate, or detection of systems that are not properly patched, are immediately logged, and alerts can be sent to ensure that the organizations regulatory and IT compliance objectives are met.
An organization cannot guarantee system security if it cannot authenticate each individual user, and CRYPTO-Server 6.
Verified by Visa enables online shoppers to select a personal password they can use to authenticate their identity every time they make a purchase at Travelocity or one of the more than 100,000 merchants worldwide that now offer the service.
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