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Synonyms for autarkical

of or relating to or characterized by autarchy

of countries


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On the part of the rest of the world, any revamped foreign policy approach that would not take into account Burma's years of autarkical, xenophobic praetorian and anti-capitalistic state policies is likely to fail" (478).
The adhesion of the Bank to UNASUR is representative of the agenda-setting power Chavez has developed in the region and more significantly of the integrational effect his autarkical discourse has had until now on the continent.
The informal relationships between people were natural and self-sufficient and the autarkical thought has not ceased to be present.
Many in Cuba and the United States thus desired to free Cuban sugar markets from autarkical Spanish tariffs.
Speech professionalized group (soldiers plus employed on contract) autarkical or caste with obvious semantic distortion (some of them we reported here), wanted by the group members, but with unpredictable effects on the recipient's communication act; the law of "defence" says nothing other than what the Romanian citizen wants to hear, so the effect of persuading is minimal.