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Synonyms for autarchy

a government in which a single leader or party exercises absolute control over all citizens and every aspect of their lives

Synonyms for autarchy

economic independence as a national policy


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We consider China to be the best model of an Eastern state that has overcome the stiffness of reason and intellectual autarchy.
The degree of provincial autarchy can be determined from the political interests, which refer to the behaviour options of provincial policy implementation.
If it is absurd to claim that economic disintegration and autarchy desirably promote macrostability because they reduce systemic externalities by delinking economic agents, it is equally senseless to assume that economic integration and an expansion and deepening of financial flows undesirably increase the volatility and fragility of financial markets.
Rapid economic growth fueled by foreign credits gradually gave way to economic autarchy accompanied by wrenching austerity and severe political repression.
It is important to make the distinction between self-reliance and autarchy.
This addresses ecological crisis, but may simply romanticize autarchy, misrecognising necessity as conservation (Pieterse 1998).
The conclusions are that gains to specialization and trade lie as potential earnings chips on the table, and some societies may do better precisely because some individuals understand and act on this, while others continue to rely on custom or autarchy to allocate resources.
Coriolanus's virtuous autarchy and the republican polity are
Beside this, he said that government was focusing on high yield seed varieties, specially wheat, cotton and rice to further increase per acre crop production to achieve autarchy in food grains.
repeats the traditional structure of autarchy or autonomy, allowing the self to assume its fate and the community to assume its destiny".
Under this tax, the market for capital is shut down, the tax proceeds are zero, and the only equilibrium is autarchy, which is not an efficient allocation in this economy.
Over and against the autarchy of Hobbes's Leviathan, Locke envisioned "a new kind of political order in which power would be limited, divided, and widely shared .
If reason reproduces itself tautologically in its putative claim to know its other, through mimesis art is able to reach beyond itself and bring its autonomy (in its form-giving agency) to tension with its other: "That in spite of their autarchy and by means of it they [artworks] seek their other, what is external to their spell, drives the artwork beyond the identity with itself by which it is fundamentally determined.
Despite the dreadful situation after more than two decades of interventionism and autarchy in the country, the Spanish industry managed to become a large global exporter of footwear.
As Ricci demonstrates, the cycle of Maciste films starring the dockworker-turned-actor Bartolomeo Pagano (as in the 1926 installment Maciste contro lo sceicco, among others) colluded with the fascist valorization of nationalist autarchy and violent action, and with its rejection of diplomacy and "decadent" democracy.