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Synonyms for autarchy

a government in which a single leader or party exercises absolute control over all citizens and every aspect of their lives

Synonyms for autarchy

economic independence as a national policy


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of domestic policies like autarchy and pronatalism depended on
We consider China to be the best model of an Eastern state that has overcome the stiffness of reason and intellectual autarchy.
As such, the untruth lives in the emphatic demand for autarchy of the dimension of Spirit--culture.
The degree of provincial autarchy can be determined from the political interests, which refer to the behaviour options of provincial policy implementation.
If interrelations among economic agents make the economy contagion prone and increase systemic risk, then one can easily imagine a solution that would avoid completely all these network externalities: a return to autarchy at a national, regional, or individual level.
which in turn required autarchy to protect the economy from the outside
12) The purpose of the federation is preventing wars among its member states, because the various forms of autarchy are the main cause of them.
For decades, the revolution has dedicated itself to autarchy, to making the Islamic Republic self-sufficient in all necessities so that it isn't subject to pressure from foreigners.
By contrast, encasement of the Zaporozhian Cossack Host within Russian imperial territory was not enough; the Sich had to be destroyed in 1775 because its leaders tried to assert their economic autarchy by mobilizing land and refugee labor for their own agriculture and livestock breeding in order to reduce their dependence on food supplies brought in from Ukraine
A geologistical study made on a world-wide basis would cast a new light on the attempts of states to achieve autarchy (economic self-sufficiency).
This study was authorized by the Health Municipal Autarchy of Londrina municipality and approved by the Committee on Ethics in Research of the State University of Londrina, Regulatory Opinion no.
Despite constant challenges, from 1949 to 1980, through one-party autarchy the KMT government was generally able to control the political development in Taiwan and maintain the necessary social stability for focused economic growth through strong--but largely market friendly--state guidance administered by many foreign (including American) trained bureaucrats.
But the question is, at the margin: Can you move toward some greater sense of avoiding autarchy and recognizing that national policies will influence others?
Also, the governments and presidents actions are oriented to the cooperation and integration of the citizens and states in the democracy, compared to the autarchy and limited contacts in the communism.
Consequently, it is defined as a catalyst initiative in that through the use of a continuous discourse of autarchy based on fundamental principles it acts as stimulus of ideas.