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Those who knew Sayyed, including the town's mayor, described him as intelligent and austerely religious.
Canadians at home should live austerely, many argued; in wartime, it was sinful to have fun while others suffered.
Yet this is much more austerely French than Kiwi in style with a mineral and citrus nose leading to mineral and citrus flavours.
This is Connemara, an austerely dramatic region of upperlands, mountain lakes and rivers.
On a Friday evening I austerely plucked the maiden issue in company with another couple of weeklies.
At SoMa's austerely gray-and-black 1601 Bar & Kitchen, chef-proprietor Brian Fernando combines the complex flavors of his father's Sri Lankan upbringing with his own training in the haute French arts (he cooked for 10 years at San Jose's Le Papillon) and passion for tapas.
8220;I love the way the artists convey the illusion of space using minimalist drawing techniques, and I find the gold leaf in Japanese folding screens both traditional and austerely modern.
Used car dealers received some good news when they were endorsed by Pope Francis recently in a call for priests and bishops to live austerely and simply.
NNA - "Amal" Movement and Hezbollah underlined utter support to army institution in its march to preserve the nation's security, stability and civil peace, and austerely deplored any attempt to doubt the role of this national, united institution and its capabilities.
Sperber's biographical project is an austerely historical one; simply put, to return Marx to the nineteenth century, and then to remind us of the historical gulf between his world and our own.
The style of Julia Stephen's booklet is a different matter from that of her daughter's writing--there is an almost total absence of the complex sentence structure her daughter favored, and the booklet sentences the reader to an austerely simple collection of advisements.
But in the initial scenes of Scotty's involvement with Madeleine, when he follows her in her car while driving in his, we are very much encouraged to identify with him, to become entranced by this simultaneously chilly and vulnerable, austerely beautiful woman.
In bringing his Opera de Marseilles production to the stage of Toronto's Four Seasons Centre this fall, Charles Roubaud opened the Canadian Opera Company's 2012/13 season with a minimally directed, austerely designed staging (sets by jean-Noel Levesque, costumes by Katia Duflot and lighting by Marc Delameziere) that allowed the music to speak for itself in the simplest, most-direct manner.
He also told them: "Bear in mind that it is the soul of the military to obey the command of the [Chinese Communist] Party without compromise, it is the top priority for the military to be able to combat and win battles, and it is fundamental that the military consolidate itself through governing the troops lawfully and austerely, so as to reinforce its development featuring loyalty to the Party, modernization and standardization.
Swaminathan said that the current methodology of determining the poverty line was flawed, as it was the most austerely defined poverty line in the world.