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a solid solution of ferric carbide or carbon in iron

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These are multiphase steels, whose microstructure consists of ferrite, bainite and a small amount of retained austenite (Bleck, 2002).
Specimens of geometry designed for torsion tests, after the specified thermal treatment, underwent several torsion loading-unloading cycles, each of them entering the stress plateau where austenite transforms into martensite.
According to chemical composition, on the Danieli machines low-, medium- and high-carbon steels, steels with super-low content of carbon; low-, medium- and high-alloy; high-strength low-alloy; stainless, including austenite with low content of carbon, austenite with titanium, martensite and ferrite, boron containing, siliceous, and other steels are cast.
This interface conjoins two phases: Austenite and Martensite.
If the deformed martensite is now heated through its transformation temperature range, it reverts to austenite.
The transformation from austenite to martensite is mostly accomplished through quenching, but it is driven farther and farther toward completion as temperature decreases.
Welding with high heat input resulted in larger carbides precipitation, a reduction in the retained austenite content and lower hardness when aging at 550[degrees]C.
The hot phase austenite is transferred to martensite and Fig.
She had just converted me to an Austenite, for life
Carbides with a typical hardness of 1700 HK (Knoop micro hardness) are dispersed in a ductile eutectic austenite matrix.
Its property is unique only in shape memory alloys, NiTinol wire returns to original shape due to transformation from martensite phase low temperature to austenite phase high temperature.
When they are in solid solution in austenite, these elements can also lead to lower transformation temperatures [21].
13 TF are made by transforming basic austenite NiTi wire into the RC.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Austenite stainless steel materials