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Synonyms for auspicious

Synonyms for auspicious

occurring at a fitting or advantageous time

indicative of future success or full of promise

Antonyms for auspicious

auguring favorable circumstances and good luck

References in classic literature ?
I said that through seeing his auspicious countenance the mists of the night had turned into sunshine, and that by reason of his beneficent sheep his good deeds would be remembered by the gods.
At least pay the boy, then: I have no pice with me, and he brought auspicious news.
It was an effect of poor Miss Tita's proposal, not altogether auspicious, that I had quite lost my appetite.
Piper in consequence for an unpleasantness originating in young Perkins' having "fetched" young Piper "a crack," renews her friendly intercourse on this auspicious occasion.
On the other hand, it seemed to Van Baerle an auspicious omen that this very cell was assigned to him, for according to his ideas, a jailer ought never to have given to a second pigeon the cage from which the first had so easily flown.
He paused and considered the matter, while Jerry returned to digging the sand where the scent was auspicious.
The auspicious wind had had its effect, and fore and aft a visible brightening was apparent.
Finding that it was impossible to make any impression upon his staunch friend, Arthur Gride, who had prepared himself for some such result before he came, consented with a heavy heart to the proposed treaty, and upon the spot filled up the bond required (Ralph kept such instruments handy), after exacting the condition that Mr Nickleby should accompany him to Bray's lodgings that very hour, and open the negotiation at once, should circumstances appear auspicious and favourable to their designs.
It is my auspicious hand that has given the first push to your fortune in the world.
By this flickering light, which made the old room, with its heavy timbers and panelled walls, look as if it were built of polished ebony--the wind roaring and howling without, now rattling the latch and creaking the hinges of the stout oaken door, and now driving at the casement as though it would beat it in--by this light, and under circumstances so auspicious, Solomon Daisy began his tale:
There was an improving party assembled on the auspicious occasion, who knew what everything they had to eat and drink was made of, and how it was imported or exported, and in what quantities, and in what bottoms, whether native or foreign, and all about it.
The three friends dined together on the auspicious occasion; the factory and the factory wives and children made holiday and dined too; even Bleeding Heart Yard dined and was full of meat.
It chanced one morning, while Oliver's affairs were in this auspicious and confortable state, that Mr.
For he, standing on the doorsteps to grace the departure, is suddenly caught a most prodigious thump on the side of his head with a heavy shoe, which a Buffer in the hall, champagne-flushed and wild of aim, has borrowed on the spur of the moment from the pastrycook's porter, to cast after the departing pair as an auspicious omen.
I trust, Mr Garland, my dear Sir, that we may mutually congratulate each other upon this auspicious occasion.