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TAT INTERVENTION TAT consisted of lectures on physical assessment, a four-credit medical-surgical nursing course that includes descriptions of auscultative abnormalities associated with specific pathology, and 180 hours of clinical experience caring for adult patients in an acute care institution.
It is important to consider that all students in this study (control and intervention groups) were in the clinical arena rendering care, under the guidance of a skilled preceptor for 180 hours, and although auditory skills improved over the semester, the addition of a two-hour aural training exercise translated into enhanced auscultative abilities.
The Differential diagnostic algorithms developed by the author completely coincides with practical purposes of auscultative diagnostics.
Auscultative pulmonary diagnostics is unsatisfactory, as well as heart.
It is essentially important, that programmed training by means of the PTAS with an ideal constant feedback within 4 hours has given auscultative diagnostics quite insignificant reduction of mistakes--in 1.