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listening to sounds within the body (usually with a stethoscope)

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Hence, if the chest tube is removed according to the protocol, clinically by auscultation we can be sure that no significant pneumothorax developed during extubation, thus there is no need of x-ray after wards.
Group A includes those monitored with admission CTG and Group B includes those monitored with Intermittent Auscultation (IA).
Bilateral auscultation of chest and palpation of symmetrical chest movements
This guide explains the auscultation of the heart and lungs in the evaluation of canine and feline cardiovascular systems, with an emphasis on heart sounds, murmurs, and the auscultatory characteristics of common arrhythmias and lung sounds.
Auscultation is a key component of respiratory assessment of the lungs and pleural space leading to identification of COPD-related conditions.
The ViScope allows superior auscultation with high definition sound quality and visualization creating a superior clinical diagnostic environment.
1998) demonstrated that lectures and text without patient demonstration did not improve success in cardiac auscultation skill acquisition in medical education.
This study ("Prevalence of echocardiographic evidence of cardiac disease in apparently healthy cats with murmurs," Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, 2011) studied 32 owned cats that were considered healthy based upon history and physical examination except for a heart murmur on auscultation.
Furthermore, there are a number of methods that can be used to estimate tube position during these procedures, such as auscultation (4,5), measuring pH (5,7), ultrasound (8), electromyography (9), electrocardiography (10) and electromagnetic guidance (11,12).
Auscultation is one of the most important direct physical assessment practices the bedside clinician can perform.
With the exception of the Athens trial, (3) none of the other trials in that Cochrane review involved a direct comparison of electronic fetal monitoring and intermittent auscultation as the primary and only method of intrapartum fetal surveillance.
Ten papers specifically discuss: a neuroanthropological perspective on embodied learning; auscultation and the transmission of auditory knowledge; skilful learning and Kazakh women's everyday craft practices in western Mongolia; notation and knowledge-making among Central Slovak lace-makers; embodied cognition and communication among British fine woodworkers; the relations between the experience of weather, bodily movement, and the formation of knowledge; East Javanese conceptions of the person; embodied learning and the weaving of mats on hand looms in South India; and knowledge and ignorance as mutually constitutive within social and political relations.
I would add to these the reliance on electronic fetal monitoring, which has not changed the cerebral palsy rate one iota and has never been shown to be superior to intermittent auscultation.
Intermittent auscultation (IA) of the fetal heart during labour is the recommended monitoring modality for well women with uncomplicated pregnancies.
The company said that TeleSteth was developed to extend the practice of auscultation (listening with a stethoscope) to situations and environments where face-to-face encounters are not always convenient or feasible.