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4,18) The crackles auscultated over the lungs and air sacs of the Amazon parrot in this report were most likely referred noises due to the coelomic effusion.
7), (17) As in adults, the use of Korotkoff sounds via the auscultatory method is recommended since research has shown that oscillometric values tend to be less accurate than auscultated values in children.
Historically, intermittent auscultation meant a very irregular check of the fetal heart beat and the auscultated fetal heart rate was described as a single number in beats per minute i.
A previous laparotomy and laparoscopy scars were observed and normal bowel sounds were auscultated throughout.
Iva auscultated his chest and noted the crackles in his right-lower-lung field were increased compared to her morning assessment.
It was seen that auscultated innocent murmurs when were evaluated according to their age distribution, the murmurs showed an increase, which was correlated to age until 9 years old and a decrease after 9 years old.
The anterior chest was auscultated and apparently equal breath sounds were heard bilaterally.