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Please send us your aurora observations either as written descriptions (in English) or as pictures, noting the location and the date of your observation and, if possible, the time, direction, height, and color of the auroral display.
Likely, the processes observed around Earth can help explain auroral features on these gas giants as well as on planets around other stars.
Nice trip through the southern auroral zone tonight on #flighttothelights Naked eye auroras were spectacular photographically
Rob Pfaff, scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and the principal investigator for the Auroral Arcs mission, said in the statement: "Electric fields drive the ionosphere which in turn are predicted to set up enhanced neutral winds within an aurora arc.
NASA hopes the mission will illuminate mysteries such as the origin of auroral curls, which look like cream swirling in a cup of coffee.
The topics include solar cycle changes in the photochemistry of the ionosphere and thermosphere, traveling atmospheric disturbance and gravity wave coupling in the thermosphere, comparative studies of theoretical models in the equatorial ionosphere, inductive-dynamic coupling of the ionosphere with the thermosphere and the magnetosphere, and the model-based inversion of the auroral process.
The team's findings provide a "smoking gun" for the theory that Saturn's auroral displays are often caused by the dramatic collapse of its "magnetic tail.
Time sampling of Europa's auroral emissions measured by Hubble's imaging spectrograph enabled the researchers to distinguish between features created by charged particles from Jupiter's magnetic bubble and plumes from Europa's surface, and also to rule out more exotic explanations such as serendipitously observing a rare meteorite impact.
Aurora observers tend to look forward to the equinoxes as the frequency of auroral displays usually increases around these times.
In indigenous circumpolar communities auroral manifestations were associated with traditional beliefs, many of them supernatural in content: their luminosity could be interpreted as the torches of spirits of the recently deceased, their motions as spirits (or children who died still-born) playing football, and their sounds as voices coming from the otherworld.
There is a phenomenon called the auroral oval, which is essentially a halo that goes around the globe at a latitude north of the Arctic Circle--that is where the auroral activity is concentrated.
In the centre of the image, Orion the hunter is just visible through the bright auroral display.
The landscape is relatively flat, so the full auroral display can be seen from most vantage points.