aurora borealis

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the aurora of the northern hemisphere

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The Hekla Aurora is part of Icelandair's transatlantic fleet providing passengers with a guaranteed experience of the Aurora Borealis as part of the airline's Stopover service.
The predictions had said the Aurora Borealis could be seen as far as Swansea in South Wales, but it was wrong.
Wonderful Value cruise from Tilbury on Marco Polo Departs 16 February, 2, 16 March 2014 Cruise north along Norway's fjord- and island-dotted coastline, calling at several wonderful places in search of the mysterious spectacle of the Aurora Borealis, the celestial phenomenon that has bewitched, enchanted and entranced generations.
The Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights, is a natural luminous light phenomenon that is commonly observed in the night sky at polar and sub-polar latitudes, and less commonly in other latitudes of the northern hemisphere.
Joel is also very enthusiastic about shooting astro time-lapse which results in number of fascinating videos of stars on the clear night sky as well as Aurora Borealis videos.
In the past, researchers thought that the aurora borealis was too far away for people to hear the sounds it made," said Professor Unto K.
Yellowknife is a popular destination choice for Aurora viewers as the city is located directly under the Aurora Oval, a narrow band encircling the polar reaches of the earth and provides the most brilliant colours from the Aurora Borealis.
Summary: New stunning videos of the Aurora Borealis shown from space, have been released by Nasa.
Aurora Borealis Pass over the United States at Night
The company has offered holiday packages that will offer travellers an opportunity to experience the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis.
Mrs B Albrighton, Warks 2BECAUSE of its location in the far north of Britain and the lack of light pollution, the Shetlands are a perfect place to see the aurora borealis.
Chaplin describes in detail Franklin's other achievements, including charting the Gulf Stream and describing the aurora borealis, and argues that if not for his foray into U.
There are also Swarovski crystal sinks that feature hand-placed Swarovski crystals and come in pink, black, blue, turquoise and aurora borealis.
Thankfully, our tour group's five-bedroom lodge, complete with two saunas, a freezer stocked with Finlandia vodka, and a telescope for analyzing the aurora borealis (the northern lights), was the lap of Lapland luxury, highly suited for weathering the sparsely sunny days ahead.
Imagine a monastic hut from a Sung dynasty scroll transplanted onto a slab of molten lime bubble gum with a pea soup base, a riotous aurora borealis behind, and a magenta abyss in front.