cauliflower ear

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an auricle deformed by injury

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A large longitudinal incision was made on skin and cartilage of concave (internal) along the length of auricular haematoma as described by Fossum (2007).
1994), drainage of auricular haematoma content was performed after opening parietal incision.
Auricular haematoma occurs in dogs regardless of breed, age and sex.
AIM: Aim of the article was to evaluate the outcome and complications of the treatment of auricular haematoma with incision and drainage and applying non-absorbable 3-0 prolene intermittent mattress sutures.
MANAGEMENT: This study has been performed upon eight patients presented with auricular haematoma at tertiary center during the period August 2013 to August 2014 after taking good history from each patient regarding age, sex, cause and duration of injury, after excluding bleeding disorders, routine hematological investigations were done.